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Sacred geometry was (and to many still is) the blueprint of creation, the origin of form. It is the language of the creator, a language that was before all else and reveals the way in which creation and energy was organised, and it shows itself in the form of geometrical shapes; circles, triangles, squares...

These shapes can be seen throughout many forms of nature; the intricate pattern of a single snowflake, the molecules of our DNA, the spirals on snails shells, the complexities within a bee hive, the orbital patterns and distances of planets, spiralling galaxies, the air we breathe... all life was created from this geometric code and ancient architects calculated these harmonious patterns, shapes and distances and applied them within their constructions.

The ancient Greeks dedicated vast amounts of time in understanding these mathematical relationships; the golden ratio (golden mean or golden section or divine proportion) is one result of this work. Throughout the centuries artists and architects have studied and utilised its dimensions to enable their work to become more aesthetically pleasing and achieve a positive effect on the human psyche.

Sacred Geometry can also be heard. There is a reason why certain notes in music sound harmonious while others sound out of place. Within sound vibrations are complex mathematical relationships and patterns which relate to one another and determine a positive or negative influence within us. These complex mathematics/specific dimensions were implemented within ancient temples to acheive divine resonance.

All Matter in the Universe interacts by following patterns and rules, and each pattern was defined by the ancients with a spiritual concept in relation to its form. Below are just a few examples with just a few of their meanings; each have many:

The Point
The Creators starting point of creation - the beginning and the end.

The Circle
No beginning, no end, infinite, eternal, self-sufficient, a symbol of universal oneness. Observable through pi; the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, a number starting with 3.141592654... that never ends or repeats.

The Square
Practical, Solid - the dependable foundations of life.

Square and Circle:
Order and Stability - The fusion of matter and spirit and the marriage between Heaven and Earth.

The Triangle:
Balance and Harmony - mind, body and spirit

Vesica Piscis
Representing the place between the spiritual and physical world, also the materialisation of spirit.