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Telluric Current

Telluric currents (or Earth currents) are naturally occurring electric currents that flow over and beneath the surface of the Earth, as well as across and under the sea. They are caused and influenced by many different natural occurrences and some man-made ones too. Predominantly though, through changes in the Earth's magnetic field, interactions between solar wind and the magnetosphere, the effects of solar radiation on the ionosphere, and also Earths interaction with other planets.

In 1983 a study was carried out at 'The Rollright Stones' on the Oxford/Warwickshire border, by engineer Charles Brooker. The study was to detect and locate magnetism at this site to determine if, or how it took advantage of telluric current. By using a magnetometer the results revealed a high level of electro-magnetic energy being attracted to the stone circle through its man-made entrance and then proceeding to circle around inside of it; creating a vortex like pattern within the circle, finishing at the centre.

There have been many studies carried out throughout the world similar to this, which all show results of a similar ilk. Certain sites effectively draw and harness energy, as well as emit it, behaving like natural machines or power plants that store and release energy; dependant on times of the day, year, Lunar & Solar activity, type of stone used and so on and so on...

Many stone circles like that of Avebury, Stonehenge and The Stripple Stone Circle in Cornwall, have a ditch dug around them. This ditch acts as an artificial seam which can capture telluric current so it cannot escape, it can then also be manipulated and concentrated into focal points of energy and be directed at specific areas within the structures.

It is fascinating to think how much the ancient architects understood about Earths invisible energies, how they manipulated it, and presumably knew how significant the effects of it were on peoples own electro-magnetic field whilst being within their structures.