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The Ancient Stones & Megalithic Structures of Cornwall

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It seems anyone who spends time with these magnificent Megaliths forges a sincere relationship with them. And over the course of my two-year quest to find and photograph every Cornish sacred stone, I can certainly attest to this. These humble, weather-worn peculiars become like dear friends.

Cornwall has many ancient stones, but what might be less known is quite how many, how diverse, and how unique they are. Exposed on bleak moorland, tucked away within hedges, hidden within wild meadows and overgrown valleys; these timeless, otherworldly wonders can be found all throughout Cornwall’s spectacular landscape.

Ancient texts ascribe to temples as living, acting as a bridge between matter and spirit; enabling minds to reach 'The Otherworld'. Stone Circles, Dolmens, Menhirs, Portal Chambers... these are all sanctified sacred spaces and temples in their own right, and Cornwall is home to some of the finest examples in the world.

Fortunately, it seems every generation forms a connection with these astonishing sacred sites and the mysterious culture in which surrounds them. Perhaps that connection comes from experiencing peace and serenity within their presence, or maybe just from a place of intrigue. Regardless of reason, these masterpieces in stone manage to enhance the natural landscape, remain still in time, transcend all change, and continue to resonate with our human condition. It appears as though they are, and always will be, essential to the well-being of our spirit.